Street Fighter 4 announced! Video teaser trailer shows stylish fight between Ryu and Ken

17 October 2007
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Street Fighter IV logoStreet Fighter IV has finally been confirmed as in development by Capcom at their Gamer’s Day event in London today. For the last week or so a countdown timer has been ticking on Capcom’s web-site, telling visitors to “Prepare Yourself” and this morning the countdown finally ticked away and was replaced with a brand-new teaser trailer for the 4th game in the world-famous Street Fighter franchise. This comes only an astounding TEN YEARS after the last numbered game in the series, Street Fighter III: The New Generation, which was originally released in Japanese arcades in 1997. The franchise has since seen an innumerable amount of remakes, compilations, upgrades and spin-offs, but not until today did we finally see the next direct sequel.

No details on the game have been revealed, including what platforms it will be released on or when we’ll get to see some actual gameplay footage, but what was shown in the teaser is an extremely stylish and awesome fight between series standbys Ken and Ryu. The trailer looks to me to be hand-drawn animation (though in 3D) and it shows the fighters exchanging blows from their repertoire of infamous attacks, from Dragon Punches to Hurricane Kicks, with stylish splashes of blood hitting the screen every now and then. The trailer ends on a high-note as Ryu charges his fireball which bathes the screen in white as the Street Fighter IV logo splashes across the screen with the words “Prepare Yourself”. Give it a look!

It will be interesting to see whether Capcom continues the 2D tradition of the series or goes into the 3D arena.Which wouldn’t be the first time as Capcom brought Street Fighter into 3D with the “EX” series, which wasn’t so well received and the last release was “Street Fighter EX3” which hit at the PS2 launch. And Capcom themselves have never produced a 3D fighting series that has done nearly as well as their 2D fighters. Their 3D efforts have included the Power Stone, Star Gladiator, Tech Romancer and Rival School series.

Their last new 3D effort Capcom Fighting All-Stars was canceled before it saw the light of day, and it was to include fighters from several of their series including Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Strider and Final Fight. Their last new 2D fighter was Capcom Fighter Evolution, a 2004 crossover that included characters from many Capcom games including Street Fighter II & III, Street Fighter Alpha, Darkstalkers and Red Earth (also known as Warzard).


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