WiiWare gets over 100 game proposals

Dr. Mario WiiWare ScreenshotGet ready for over 100 upcoming WiiWare games! Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata has said that Nintendo has gotten “over 100” proposals from 3rd parties to make games for WiiWare. To quote Nintendo’s President Iwata directly at a recent press event in Japan (according to the Kyoto Shimbun), “We’ve already received proposals for over 100 titles from software development companies. We’ve made a platform for developing software at low cost, and would like to offer a new business chance based around a battle of ideas.”

Already a flood of new WiiWare games have been announced by Nintendo as we covered the other day. These upcoming game titles are: Dr. Mario, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land, Bomberman, Star Soldier R, Maruboushikaku, Minna de Puzzloop, Okiraku Ping Pong Wii, Mojipattan Wii and Joy Sound.

For those of you that don’t know, WiiWare allows for the development of ALL-NEW downloadable Wii games that are not titles from past game system, thus they are placed in the WiiWare category, and NOT the Virtual Console category, which is exclusively for games from a previous console. These WiiWare titles can be purchased from the Wii Shop Channel, where they become a new Wii Channel after purchase. And thanks to the ease of development of the WiiWare platform, many 3rd parties are likely to start creating games at a brisk pace, as this announcement of over 100 titles already proposed proves. And that’s definitely music to the ears of Wii fans! I mean getting Virtual Console titles is great, but unlike the Xbox 360 and PS3, new games didn’t have a way to reach Wii consumers via the Internet, and now they can. So hopefully we’ll see some of the big Xbox Live and Playstation Network titles developed by third-parties on the Wii as well. — Via IGN