Crysis preview video shows lots of gameplay footage

Pre-Order Crysis for PCNow that Halo 3 has released and gotten lots of play time in everyone’s Xbox 360’s, it’s time for another huge, highly anticipated first-person shooter to take the reigns. And that game is, of course, Crysis. Crysis, published by EA, has a release date of November 13th in the US, and November 16th in Europe & Australia for the PC.

The preview video below shows tons of gameplay footage as two guys from 1-Up discuss the game. They talk about how gigantic the demo level is, and how the game feels like a cross between Battlefield, FarCry and . . . Grand Theft Auto? It feels like Battlefield in that the game plays like it’s a multiplayer game, but in single-player without feeling “fake”. You have guys on your side fighting alongside you but you can go and fight the enemies and accomplish objectives in anyway you please. You have powers like in FarCry and as for GTA, well according to 1-Up one of the levels is so gigantic that you can play it a hundred times and it will feel different each time, because that’s how big it is and you can accomplish objectives in multiple ways by literally improvising.

But words really don’t do it justice. Just watch and you’ll understand.