Fracture (PS3, Xbox 360) webisode 1 terra-forms your mind

5 October 2007
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Pre-Order Fracture on PS3Get ready for terra-forming! But wait, contain yourself! The game isn’t coming till 2008! *sad face* In all seriousness, I had seen this game before but it didn’t hold my attention for one reason or another. But after watching this latest Fracture Webisode (Part 1: Terrain Deformation, which you can see below) you can color me incredibly impressed.

The sheer complexity that this game is operating on just blows my mind. As you may have heard before, and as just mentioned, Fracture is all about literally changing the battlefield around you. It’s a third-person shooter, but the ability to lower and raise the ground around you (via a simple grenade toss) puts this game in a category all it’s own. Sure you’ve seen a hole in the ground in games before. But you’ve NEVER seen a freakin’ HOLE IN THE GROUND like this!

I may be a little late to the party on this game, but it just shot-up my list of most wanted games. Definitely keep your eye out on this one and be ready to snap up that demo as soon as it hits, cause this game has the potential to totally revolutionize the way you play your shooter. Watch and enjoy.
Watch Fracture Webisode 1: Terrain Deformation in HD.


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