Download Manaphy to your DS at ToysRUs on September 29th

Download Manaphy for free
That’s right, only today, on September 29th from noon to 3PM you can get a free download for Manaphy, the famous Pokemon character, to your copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl. It’s only at ToysRUs, and they give you $5 off any DS game you buy at the store.

Click for a bigger Download Manaphy Instructions PosterThis Manaphy will be Level 50 and comes in a Cherish Ball and holding the Red Scarf item. It has the following move set: Heart Swap (which it normally doesn’t learn until Level 75), Water Pulse, Whirlpool, and Acid Armor. You won’t be able to upload it to the Global Trade Station. There are a few instructions to getting Manaphy that you can see in the picture to your right (click on it for a readable big poster).

Once you get Manaphy you need to do the following: you need Mystery Gift to unlocked it on your game (Diamond or Pearl). To get Mystery Gift, you go to the 3rd floor of the Jubilife TV station and talk to the guy near the bottom of the screen on the left. Use the words: “Everyone Happy” and then go to Wi-Fi Connection. Save and quit and you’ll see it.

If you can’t make it to ToysRUs in time or don’t live near one, you can look at our guide on “How to get Manaphy from Pokemon Ranger into Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.”

PS: You might remember that ToysRUs did a similar event a year ago for Pokemon fans to get Mew. So this might be a yearly event. — Thanks for the tip monkey79