Professor Layton and The Devil’s Box sequel coming to DS and live-action film announced

Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village charactersJapanese developer Level-5 has announced Professor Layton and the Devil’s Box, the sequel to the DS puzzle/RPG/text adventure game in a fantasy setting called Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village. Professor Layton 2 is the second game in the puzzle series to come out within a year, so it must be a big hit in Japan where the sequel comes out on November 29th, 2007.

The theme song is by Japanese singer Salyu, the sequel has players try to find Satan’s box and solve riddles. First trailer of Professor Layton 2:

There are plans to make a Professor Layton film. Surprisingly the movie isn’t animated, instead it’s live-action, despite the game’s beautiful animated sequences. Level-5 is interested in capitalizing on the multi-media aspects of Professor Layton. At a recent press event in Japan, Pokemon series producer Masakazu Kubo (who directed the animated sequences in the game) discussed the importance of movie, manga & online versions of Professor Layton, reports Kotaku.