Little Big Planet create-a-character demo

4 September 2007
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Little Big Planet logoIn Little Big Planet players control characters, using their various abilities to shape and develop the highly manipulable environment to build custom spaces, individually, collaboratively, or competitively, as you acquire new skills and tools. It has global community features through the PlayStation Network for players to interact and share their creations.

The PS3-exclusive downloadable game was last shown at the Leipzig Games Convention 2007. Earlier at E3 2007 all we were shown was the Little Big Planet level creation process. Now you can take a look at the new 5-minute gameplay demonstration video that reveals Little Big Planet’s “create-a-character” part of the platformer game, where after designing additional characters they can be controlled to fight it out.

A Demo or Beta is expected later in 2007. The game won’t be released until early 2008. Here’s the demo video:

Looks like we’ll be putting on our thinking caps up for this game, or at least you’ll need a lot of imagination!


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