Power Rangers Super Legends preview. Release date is October 23rd

28 August 2007
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Pre-Order Power Rangers Super Legends on DSPower Rangers: Super Legends has a release date of October 23rd (US) and 2nd November in Europe for Wii, DS, PS2, GameCube (as the last GameCube title!) and PC.

The game will celebrate Power Ranger’s 15th anniversary by gathering selectable Power Rangers from fifteen seasons of the series, from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, and will include not only characters but Zords as well. The game has been described as a blend of puzzle, action, and mission-based adventure with both single-player and co-op play (exact number of players not specified, but hopefully four on Wii at least), although one site says the DS version is a sort of “mini-game collection”, but it doesn’t seem that way from the screenshots (viewable below).

You will also battle classic enemies from throughout the series, including Lord Zedd and locations range from Angel Grove to an “Ancient Ranger” temple. You will be able to unlock powerful special moves and use devastating super attacks while battling the games many enemies and bosses. The game is being developed and published by Disney Interactive Studios. No word yet on whether or not the game will use the Wii Remote & Nunchuck for gesture controls, but you’d imagine so.

DS version features include:
– Beautiful 2D world across 24 missions with comfortable controls and intense fights
– Playable cast of favorite characters that span the show’s history and storyline
– Massive combo chains with cinematic flair
– Several enemies simultaneously on screen to represent overwhelming odds to keep players on their toes
– DS stylus attacks to personally deliver finishing blows on specific opponents
– Variety of vehicles to pilot, including Flyers, Light Skimmers and One Man Attack Craft
– Multiplayer co-op allows players to fight together, showcasing the teamwork of the Power Ranger series

There are over 12 playable characters in the game. In the table below you can see the name of the character, their color and what Power Ranger series they hail from:

Power Ranger Color Series
Jason Lee Scott Red Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Kimberly Hart Pink Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Adam Park Green Power Rangers: Zeo
Justin Stewart Blue Power Rangers: Turbo
Leo Corbett Red Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
Trip Green Power Rangers: Time Force
Dustin Brooks Yellow Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Hunter Bradley Crimson Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Doggie Cruger Shadow Power Rangers: S.P.D.
Sam White Power Rangers: S.P.D.
Mack Hartford Red Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
Dax Lo Blue Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive

View some screenshots of Power Rangers: Super Legends below (first four screens are console, last four are DS).

Power Rangers: Super Legends Screenshot 1

Power Rangers Super Legends Screenshot 2

Power Rangers Super Legends Screenshot 3

Power Rangers Super Legends Screenshot 4

Power Rangers Super Legends DS Screenshot 1

Power Rangers Super Legends DS Screenshot 2

Power Rangers Super Legends DS Screenshot 3

Power Rangers Super Legends DS Screenshot 4


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