Rock Band “drum battle” gameplay video

26 August 2007
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Pre-Order Rock Band: Special Edition on Xbox 360Rock Band has a release date of November 20th in the US but won’t hit anywhere else in the world until early 2008. Rock Band is coming to PS2, but will also be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 (and likely Wii in the future).

As everyone should know by now, the game is made by the original creators of Guitar Hero, Harmonix, and is being published by MTV Games, who scooped up the developer shortly after they made Guitar Hero 2.

Rock Band plays very similarly to Guitar Hero, but has people jamming (as a band or by themselves via single-player, or even online both alone and in groups) on not just guitars, but also drums, bass and vocals (via guitar, mic and drum peipherals)! No pricing info has been confirmed yet on the cost of packages that include the instruments, but the game itself (w/out instruments) will be selling for the typical price of $59.99

From PAX 07 is this “Drum Battle” footage.

Also, here’s Tycho of Penny Arcade playing rock band at this year’s Pax with some other guys.


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