07 Commando first DS gameplay trailer (Metal Slug clone)

26 August 2007
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Metal Slug Anthology for Wii07 Commando is a Metal Slug style 2D shooter game coming for the Nintendo DS. The game is slated to be released in Q1 2008. Obviously a Metal Slug clone, but with nice art and action like this, I doubt anyone (besides SNK) will complain.

As the gun-toting hero Storm, you must put an end to an evil organisation called Rattlesnake in this side-scrolling blast-a-thon. Of course, you get to do this with a range of heavy weaponry, with plenty of different weapons and pick-ups that each have its own attack method and power. Plus, some guns can be used to find secret items. Alongside the main action-packed adventure mode, there are a variety of touch screen mini-games.

This video shows off the first 07 Commando gameplay.

Developer Mana Computer Software have so far only announced a European release early next year.


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