Deca Sports: Hudson makes their version of 10 Wii Sports games

20 August 2007
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Wii Sports boxThe latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed that Hudson are making their own version of Wii Sports called Deca Sports. The Wii game will features at least 10 sports games listed below.

Archery: Once your aim is sorted, you pull the Wii Remote backwards then release the button(s) – either A & B or just B – to let the arrow fly.

Go Karting: The typical racing control method on the Wii. Tilt the sideways-held Remote to steer.

Motocross: A similar control scheme to Excite Truck, tilting the Remote backwards/forwards alters the pitch of the bike when in the air.

Volleyball: Using just the Wii Remote, which you swing either upwards or downwards, you have two different types of shot at your disposal.

Football: In what looks like 5-a-side, you move your character with the nunchuck’s analogue stick and pass with Remote movements.

Basketball: It appears that you move the character with the analogue stick, and dribble by moving the Remote up and down. Shooting is done by moving both the Nunchuck and Remote in a throwing motion.

Badminton: Pretty much exactly like Wii Sports Tennis, players move automatically, and you swing the remote.

There are also 3 more sports included in the game, which are currently secret. Hudson hints these are Speed Skating, Ice Hockey and Snowboarding.

In Deca Sports you play as cartoon-like players that appear more realistic than Miis or characters from EA Playground. As you can see from the descriptions above, each activity has its own unique and simple control method, translates Neurope.


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