Nintendo Wii production expansion plans delayed

Get a Nintendo Wii at AmazonBack in March Nintendo promised to increase the Wii production capacity, something that takes months. It now turns out that those plans to make more Wii’s weren’t successful by last June. Now in August due to the tight supply of components such as IC chips and PCBs, these plans have been delayed, according to Taiwan-based component makers.

With the delay of these plans the component makers said it looks like the worldwide Wii shortages will continue throughout Holiday season 2007.

Since Nintendo launched the Wii in November 2006, the company has only introduced the games console in select regions such as America, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Australia. Worldwide total sales of the Wii were 9.27 million units by June 2007, according to Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes sources, and this month the race is between the Xbox 360 and Wii to see who will be the first to have 10 million consoles sold.

I wonder what they are up to in the Wii Factory?