Women In Gaming. Views from E3 2007 & QuakeCon

16 August 2007
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Women In Gaming - Fragdoll GirlWhile guys may never know what women want, there is one truth that remains valid in this world. If you are a girl, and you game, and you post a video about yourself gaming, the guys will flock to it!

I’m just your average gaming male so I don’t have any kind of deep info into the women psyche (sorry), but I do know that for me personally, I love hearing the thoughts of women relating to video games. And I know this is echoed for a lot of guys out there. It’s just great to hear comments from the opposite sex on my favorite hobby.

Thanks to JodyR, aka “Caligirl”, over at GameSpot (a personal favorite site of mine) for giving me permission to post her videos, a side-project of hers where she interviews various women at gaming events. Keep up the great work Jody! It’s greatly appreciated!

And view both her QuakeCon 2007 and E3 2007 “Women In Gaming” videos below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Women In Gaming (QuakeCon 2007)

Women In Gaming (E3 2007)


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