Resident Evil 2 PS1 Full Story video walks you through the storyline, including bosses, and shows all cut-scenes from beginning to ending

16 August 2007
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Resident Evil 2 for Nintendo GameCubeResident Evil 2 was for many years considered the epitome of survival horror greatness. It stood as the horror game all others strived to be. And for good reason. Capcom‘s classic, Resident Evil 2, was improved by leaps and bounds over it’s predecessor.

You had a significantly more complex narrative, that included a large cast of all-new characters in a deep and involving storyline that intertwined with each other. Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy each received their own pair of scenarios, and during each one you ran into a new pair of sub-characters, Ada Wong and Sherry Berkin, the latter of whom was daughter to a whole new host of characters directly involved in the creation of an all-new G-virus by Umbrella.

Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2And it wasn’t just storyline and character development (not to mention spoken dialogue) that was improved, you also gained a wider variety of weapons, there were more secrets to unlock (including two entirely new scenarios, HUNK and “Tofu”) and the graphics and music were greatly improved.

Now let’s all gather in a circle, hold hands and pray that Resident Evil 2 will receive a remake this generation! We got a remake of Resident Evil 1 last-gen, we have to get a remake of Resident Evil 2. PLEASE CAPCOM!

For those that never got to play RE2, this Full Story video shows every cut-scene in the game for a complete look at the Resident Evil 2’s storyline. It also includes bouts of gameplay including boss battles. If you missed it, check out our last Full Story video for Resident Evil 0 on the GameCube. Enjoy!

Resident Evil 2 Full Story Video – Clair A, Leon B Part 1

Resident Evil 2 Full Story Video – Clair A, Leon B Part 2

Resident Evil 2 Full Story Video – Leon A, Clair B Part 1

Resident Evil 2 Full Story Video – Lean A, Claire B Part 2

Resident Evil 2 – Hunk the 4th Survivor Gameplay Video

Resident Evil 2 – Tofu Survivor Gameplay Video


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