Clive Barker’s Jericho release date October 23rd. Preview videos show brutal horror FPS gameplay for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC

14 August 2007
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Pre-Order Clive Barker's Jericho for Xbox 360Clive Barker’s Jericho has a release date of October 23rd 2007 (US) for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It can be described as a horror-themed run-and-gun squad-based first-person shooter (lots of dashes, eh). It’s developed by Mercury Steam and published by Codemasters.

The game features some really cool and unique mechanics. In addition to it’s hoards of unique monsters and nasty weapons, the player can switch on the fly from one character to any other in the squad. Each character has their own unique classification, weapons and paranormal powers:

Capt. Devin Ross – the Jericho Squad captain and team psychic
Father Paul Rawlings – the dual-pistol-wielding priest and exorcist
Sgt. Frank Delgado – a fire-demon-wielding alchemist and pyromancer
Lt. Abigail Black – a telekinetic sniper that can control bullets in mid flight
Sgt. Billie Church – a blood mage that uses her own blood to cast spells and wards
Capt. Xavier Jones – a seer that uses astral projection for reconnaissance
Cpl. Simone Cole – the Jericho Squad’s reality hacker that can alter time and teleport supplies and personnel

This adds a really cool twist to the brutal shooter action (as well as a few RE4-style moments where you gotta press specific buttons to escape the situation). And I mean brutal; this game is bloody and disturbing (if you are faint of heart you might wanna turn a blind eye), but what would you expect from the creator of Hellraiser and Candyman? But enough talk, view the game yourself!

Storyline: Before Adam and Eve were created, God fashioned the Firstborn. Neither light nor dark, both terrible and beautiful to behold, it disturbed the Almighty who banished this flawed creation into the Abyss. There, it waited and watched until it was able to reach out with its power into our world. Seven Sumerian priests met its arrival and fought to contain it, successfully entombing the place of its escape within a great ziggurat. Ever since that time, there would always be a secret order that would train seven warriors to await the Firstborn’s attempts to escape and every time, they would always disappear into the ruined city of Al Khalid that had been built atop this bedrock of strife and somehow succeed in banishing the Firstborn back to the Abyss, however, none of these teams have ever returned from their mission.

The Firstborn would make four attempts to escape, each time taking back a piece of the earth to add to its domain. Fragments of time and space would form layers around Al Khalid, entrapping pieces of history within its walls from the time of the Sumerians to World War II. Over time, other conquerors would arrive to claim the city as their own but eventually, the city was forgotten and buried by the sands around it.

Jericho Teaser Trailer
Watch the this teaser trailer in HD.

Jericho Boss Battle Gameplay Video
Watch this video in HD.

Jericho Crusader’s Teaser Trailer
Watch this video in HD.

Jericho Machine Gun Gameplay Video
Watch this video in HD.

Jericho Eternity Trailer
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Jericho In-Depth E3 2007 Interview
Watch this interview in HD.

Jericho Shot In the Dark Gameplay Video
Watch this video in HD.

Jericho Death Dealing Gameplay Video
Watch this video in HD.


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