Ninja Gaiden Sigma getting new downloadable content for PS3 starting September 6th

9 August 2007
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Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PS3Eidos today announced the first set of downloadable content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma will arrive from Japan in Europe via the PlayStation Store from September 6th 2007. Expect it in America and other countries around the same time. Ninja Gaiden Sigma for PlayStation 3 was released worldwide this June. For those not in the know, it’s an action adventure game, where the player takes the role of Super Ninja Ryu Hayabusa in a high-speed, next-gen remake of a true Tecmo classic.

The downloadable content is called “Survival Mode” and is a battle-orientated mode that allows the player to fight an endless stream of enemies. Each of the three downloads provide various themed battles, plus there is a World Ranking available for each of the three different themes. For those who have mastered the original Ninja Gaiden Sigma, this content will provide a battlefield to show off the skills they have accumulated.

The first of the three batches of downloadable content is “Weapon Master”, which is scheduled for release on September 6th 2007. This content includes five survival modes where you can use only a limited array of weaponry. The player’s objective is to master the feature of each weapon and wipe out as many enemies as you can.

“Speed Master” is the second download and the aim of this is to beat your enemies as accurately and quickly as possible. This features another five survival modes in which the time and power gauge are limited. In order to become the ultimate speed master you must master both your skills and acrobatics to survive.  

In the third and final download, “Rachel Master”, you play as the new female character Rachel, in five survival modes in the quest to become the “World’s No. 1 Fiend Hunter”.

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