Xbox 360 price drops officially confirmed by Microsoft (Full Details)

7 August 2007
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Xbox 360 Elite (Includes 120GB Hard Drive)Microsoft has finally confirmed the price drops for the Xbox 360! Which we saw coming week’s ago.

Starting tomorrow, August 8th, the official MSRP for the Xbox 360 will be dropped by $50 to $349.99. That would be the “Premium” model, which apparently is now being called simply the “Xbox 360” package. That package will still include the 20GB hard drive, a wireless controller, and an Xbox 360 headset.

The Xbox 360 Core package (the one that doesn’t come with a HDD) has been lowered to an MSRP $279.99 while the slick black-colored “Elite Xbox 360” package has been lowered to $449.99. The Elite package of course comes in black and ships with a 120GB HDD instead of 20GB! It also ships with a black wireless controller, a black headset and an HDMI cable.

The timing of these price drops is meant to coincide with the soon to be released Xbox 360 version of EA’s Madden NFL ’08 on August 14th, part of Microsoft’s “Perfect Storm” if you recall from their E3 2007 Press Conference (The other two games being Halo 3 and the now-delayed Grand Theft Auto IV . . . Looks like the storm has been interrupted).

Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Package . . . but no Halo 3 included! And only a 20GB HDMicrosoft also announced a date and price for their Halo 3 branded “Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console” package. It will be hitting store shelves in September and cost $399.99. It includes a “Spartan green-and-gold” colored Xbox 360 console and will include an HDMI-capable, a wireless controller, a headset, a 20GB hard drive, a play-and-charge kit and a slew of special Halo themes and gamer pics. Halo 3, for some dumb reason, will be sold separately and not be included in the package (apparently it’s cause there are no less than three versions of Halo 3 for one to decide to buy, the Regular Edition, Limited Edition and Legendary Edition).

Here are the details for the price drop in Canada:
* Xbox 360: CDN $399.99
* Xbox 360 Core System: CDN $299.99
* Xbox 360 Elite: CDN $499.99
* Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition Console: $449.99

Here are the details for the price drop in Mexico:
# Xbox 360: $5,199 pesos
# Xbox 360 Core System: $3,699 pesos
# Xbox 360 Elite: $5,999 pesos

So far Microsoft UK said they “have not announced any pricing changes in Europe.” No word yet from Microsoft whether these price drops will hit anywhere else in the world.


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