Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie announced, written and produced by the guys who made the Silent Hill flick

4 August 2007
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Silent Hill on DVD, by the same guys doing Return to Castle WolfensteinIt has been revealed that a Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie is in the works!

The writer and producer behind the new film are the same guys who did the Silent Hill movie, which certainly bodes well, particularly after the disappointment that was the Doom movie, which felt nothing like what id fans expected from a Doom flick.

The Return to Castle Wolfenstein film will follow protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz and his squad of troops as they investigate Nazi experiments with the paranormal in the midst of World War II.

Roger Avery is one of the writers and the director on the film, and his previous work includes Pulp Fiction, for which he received an Academy Award for Best Writing, as well as The Rules of Attraction, Killing Zoe and the upcoming Beowulf movie.

The other producer is Samuel Hadida. He worked on Good Night and Good Luck as well as . . . all the Resident Evil movies. While that certainly might give some people a bad taste in their mouth, you must remember that both of these guys DID make the Silent Hill movie, which was definitely faithful to the games. So hopefully this new flick will be closer to that movie than the Resident Evil films. The writer-producer team is also hard at work on the sequel to Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, which is scheduled to hit theaters sometime in 2008.

A release date for Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie hasn’t yet been revealed. — Via Variety


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