Rage revealed by id Software at QuakeCon 2007. Features: 60FPS and co-op multiplayer!

4 August 2007
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QuakeCon logoYou might remember that new iD Tech 5 game announced at the WWDC 2007. Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software, describes their newly titled FPS game Rage as “It’s more than just a first-person shooter, we will show vehicles and racetracks, driving and racing elements. It is an action-oriented game but with a lot of adventure elements. It will be story driven, but you can also choose your own route to go through things.”

id Software co-founder and programmer John Carmack revealed the game’s storyline revolves around you battling mutants, monsters and the government, and will take roughly 20 hours to complete. Players will be able to customize their vehicles throughout the game, as well as engage in co-op multiplayer with a friend.

He also mentioned the title will be released “when it’s done.” The PS3 version of Rage will be on Blu-ray disc, whereas the other three versions for PC, Mac & Xbox 360 will come on two DVDs with a potential Blu-ray distribution for compatible systems. The company claims the gamewill run equally well on any hardware platform, all four versions of Rage are targeted to run at 60 frames per second.

Take a peek at the debut trailer shown off at QuakeCon 2007.
Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.


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