Legends of Norrath: Oathbound, in-game playable CCG (Collectible Card Game) announced for launch this week within Everquest 1 and Everquest 2

Everquest II Collector's Edition for PCToday at Sony Online Entertainment’s Fan Faire Expo they revealed Legends of Norrath: Oathbound, an all new Everquest 1 & 2 CCG (Collectible Card Game) that can be played within the Everquest game worlds.

Oathbound is the first of three planned CCG sets, and this particular set contains 375 cards total, all of them feature original artwork. Naturally, fan service abounds within this new collectible card game, with fan favorites Fippy Darkpaw, Mayong Mistmoore, journeyman boots, and snow bunny hat cards appearing in the set.

Every Everquest 1 and Everquest 2 player will receive a starter deck to get them rolling on the new Oathbound game. Players can then purchase additional booster packs to add more cards to their customized decks. These can be purchased with real-world cash, although for those who don’t want to spend their hard-earned dough on virtual cards, booster packs can also be acquired as loot off of boss mobs in both games. And thankfully the CCG is free to play and player’s from one game can play against gamer’s of the other (So EverQuest 1 players can challenge EverQuest 2 players). Gamers can also access Oathbound via an outside client, or play against computer controlled opponents.

Another cool feature is the fact that loot cards can be redeemed for in-game items.Sony Online Entertainment plans to offer substantial support for their new Oathbound Collectible Card Game, by offering features like in-game tournaments, card trading, a unique user interface, and deck-building functionality.

SOE’s Denver studio, which up until it was acquired last year went by the moniker Worlds Apart Productions, developed the game on the down-low for the publisher. Legends of Norrath: Oathbound will undergo a soft launch next week, with an official launch planned for later this month.