BlackSite: Area 51 release date pushed to Nov. 5 in US, The Wheelman delayed till 2008. Midway reports losses

2 August 2007
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Pre-Order BlackSite: Area 51 on Xbox 360Midway had a conference call today to talk financials, where they reported $14.3 million net loss on $31.8 million of net revenue for a $0.16 loss per share. That’s less than half the $31 million the Chicago-based publisher lost during the same period in 2006, which is definitely good for Midway. Of course, they pointed to their strong upcoming titles as games that they hope will sell lots of copies for them and help increase revenue for the whole of this year.

Among those titles are John Woo Presents Stranglehold (Aug. 27th), BlackSite: Area 51 and Unreal Tournament III (Nov. for PS3 & PC, early 2008 for Xbox 360).

Midway also announced two delays for upcoming titles.

They are pushing back the release date of BlackSite: Area 51 to October 26th in Europe and November 5th in the US. Their upcoming first-person shooter was originally scheduled for release this September.

They also delayed The Wheelman to 2008, an upcoming action-adventure game based on the movie of the same name. View trailers for BlackSite: Area 51, Unreal Tournament III and Stranglehold below.

Speaking with analysts, Midway portrayed the delays as part of their long-term next-generation push, which they said will kick off with Strangehold’s release on August 27. “We believe we’re putting in place the systems, tools, processes and talents for high-developed high-quality next generation games spanning a wide variety of mass market genres,” promising more 2008 announcements soon.

Check out the E3 2007 BlackSite: Area 51 trailer.

Unreal Tournament 3 E3 2007 Trailer

Stranglehold E3 2007 trailer


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