Puyo Puyo makers announce Octopuzzle with online multiplayer for Wii

27 July 2007
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Puyo Pop Fever last appeared on DSOctopuzzle is an all-new puzzle game for the Wii from the makers of Puyo Puyo! The release date of Compile’s game is set for October 30th, 2007. It’s described by publisher Conspiracy Entertainment as: “Lightning reflexes and quick thinking will “net” the player a win as they race to clear their screen of Octopi before their opponent. Match the colored Octopi in the correct quantities under the numbered nets in order to clear them from the playing field and fill your opponents screen with annoying Sea Urchins. Don’t let your screen stay full for too long! With colorful Octopi, lovable characters, and addictive gameplay, Octopuzzle is a fun challenge for the whole family [up to four players], and with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support, the whole family doesn’t have to be in the same room!”

Key features include:
* Colorful, addictive gameplay – clear the screen before your opponent does!
* Move quick to create huge combos as you fill your opponent’s screen with annoying Urchins!
* Single-player Story mode.
* Multi-player mode for up to four players.
* Online play using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Discovered on the EBgames gameshop site by Gonintendo.


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