New Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (DS) Japanese trailer

27 July 2007
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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles w/included GBA Link Cable for GameCubeA brand new trailer has been released for the next installment in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series for the DS, FFCC: Ring of Fates, via the official Japanese web-site.

The five minute long in-depth video is entirely in Japanese and shows a ton of the game, including how the action-RPG combat will work, the interface and controlling it with the touch-screen, story sequences, boss battles, using an art tool to draw on a Moogle, and playing the game with a party of four.

It definitely looks fun. I never got to play the original Crystal Chronicles on the GameCube even though I always wanted too, so this game can’t come soon enough. Hopefully we won’t have to go too long before getting an English translation.


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