Condemned 2 toned down after Manhunt 2 fallout

27 July 2007
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Pre-order Manhunt 2 for PS2 at AmazonIt seems Manhunt 2 being rated Adults Only by the ESRB in the USA is having more fallout. The Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox 360, PS3) senior producer, Constantine Hantzopoulos, explains to CVG that a few features have already been pulled from their game due to the Manhunt 2 (Wii, PS2, PSP) situation.

After outlining that the game world Condemned 2 takes place in is an entirely fictional universe, he explained: “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. We’re working closely with the ESRB to make sure everything goes through okay but there’s stuff we’ve cut already. There were things we were doing that even I couldn’t believe we were going to those places.”

Condemned: Criminal Origins for Xbox 360When asked for examples of what we might now never see in a game again, he said: “An example of what we cut would be putting someone’s head in a vice. That was too much, you know. There are also some decapitations we’ve lost. But this is more Sin City than it is real world and we want people to know that this is not a real world.

Manhunt kind of takes place in a real world where you’re killing prisoners and people. This is a sensitive subject and we’ll pull back if we need to. If someone says we can’t do that, we’ll pull back a little. We’re actually in pretty good shape. Putting someone in a dumpster is comical, it’s funny. But putting someone through a TV set…”


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