Capcom’s Little Nemo: The Dream Master NES nostalgia

22 July 2007
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Little Nemo: The Dream Master for NESAh Sunday mornings, how they remind of me a more peaceful time as a kid, sometimes I’d wake up and the first thing I’d do is turn on my NES and play my favorite games like there was no tomorrow. Capcom’s NES platform game Little Nemo: The Dream Master was the very first game I ever bought with my own money back in 1990. As a result the nostalgia factor is high in this one. But I very clearly remember this: this game is really good, the music is awesome, it’s a ton of fun to play around with, and it has a place right next to the Super Mario Bros series, that’s no joke.

In the game you control a kid inside his own dreams, as he journeys to Slumberland. You can take control of certain animals, such as a frog, a gorilla, or a mole, by feeding them candy. Hmmm candy. Each animal has its own skills needed to complete each level. The goal of the game is to travel to the Nightmare land to rescue Morpheus, the king of Slumberland, from the clutches of the evil Nightmare King. Don’t you just hate that guy? The game is based on the film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, which is in turn based on the comic strip Little Nemo in Slumberland by Winsor McCay. Let’s dig this up from the Video Game Vault.


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