Final Fantasy XIII only 13 percent complete, 2009-2010 release date likely?

Final Fantasy XIII screenshot
Over eight months ago we reported that Final Fantasy XIII was estimated to be 3% complete. This week Square Enix said at the Tokyo PlayStation Premiere press conference that the PS3-exclusive RPG sequel is currently 13% complete.

Meanwhile the PS3 spin-off, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, only jumped from 1% completion last year to 1.3% this year.

At this rate it’ll take them six years to finish FFXIII, of course development isn’t that slow, so an expected late 2008 release in Japan would suggests a 2009 release worldwide. All guesses of course, but the above screenshot from the trailer last year is all you’re going to see for a while. IGN is hopeful to see more from both games at the Tokyo Game Show in September 2007.

Update: Now that a Final Fantasy XIII demo won’t be out in Japan until March 2009, the game will likely not see a release date worldwide until the 2009-2010 period.