Warhawk (PS3) release date is August 28th 2007. New gameplay videos and trailer show the awesome shooter gameplay and extensive features

18 July 2007
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Playstation 3 Warhawk bundle with Bluetooth headsetWarhawk is an ambitious 3rd person ground and vehicular online/offline shooter from developer Incognito and is a follow-up of sorts to the original Warhawk that was a launch title on the PS1 way back in 1995.

It’s coming to the PS3 via the Playstation Network store as a download as well as on retail shelves on August 28th. If you buy the retail version on BlueRay disc it comes with a headset as well as extra features like behind-the-scenes and developer interviews.

Warhawk, which we’ve already covered before, features an extensive online and offline experience with loads of features, including tons of customization and community support. And with over 20 different weapons, 2 kinds of aircraft, 4 ground vehicles, 4 heavy ground turrets, and taking place across 25 different maps scattered across 5 different worlds (which you can play with up to 32 others in online multiplayer with VOIP integration), there will be tons of gameplay packed into the game to keep you busy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

You can see the awesome gameplay for yourself in the videos below, which include the trailer for the game and new E3 2007 videos of Warhawk in action.
See the war-torn beauty in HD.

Gameplay montage.
Watch this in HD.

Ground and air battles gameplay footage.
Watch these air and ground battles in HD.


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