Rockstar announces Wii Table Tennis! Will be available this fall with full motion control support

18 July 2007
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Rockstar Presents Table Tennis for the Xbox 360One of the biggest surprise hits from Rockstar recently was their Xbox 360 title Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis. It was their first Xbox 360 game, and was a far cry from the typical violent games that they are known for (Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, etc.).

Now Rockstar has announced that they will be bringing the Xbox 360 title Table Tennis to the Wii! Given the incredible sales of the Wii and the fact that it’s a perfect system to do tennis on (and of course the success of Wii Sports), this decision to bring the game over to Nintendo’s platform is only logical.

Wii Remote Controller will be used to play tennisThe Xbox 360 game featured extremely realistic looking graphics and physics, and I’m sure that Rockstar will be bringing that over with this new Wii version (although the graphical quality might take a hit). What’s not confirmed however is if the game will use the same RAGE game engine that powered the 360 version (the same engine that powers Grand Theft Auto IV). Obviously, the game will use the Wii’s motion sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuck to control the action, but no other details, including a price have been announced, outside of a fall 2007 release date.

Rockstar Presents Table Tennis on the Wii (final name not announced) will be developed by Rockstar’s Leeds studio (PS2 & PSP versions of Liberty & Vice City Stories, PSP titles Midnight Club 3 and The Warriors) in collaboration with the original Table Tennis developer Rockstar San Diego. The Xbox 360 edition was rated E for Everyone and has an MSRP of $39.99.


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