Resident Evil 5 director reveals first zombie details

18 July 2007
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Resident Evil 5 ChrisResident Evil 5 director Jun Takeuchi, who previously worked on Resident Evil 1 and 2, has revealed that protagonist Chris Redfield is a member of the BSAA. The game obviously takes place in and around a desert, but initial events appear to happen in the village seen in the trailer below.

Ten years after the Raccoon Incident in the first Resident Evil game Chris is sent in to check out trouble in the village and finds a new form of enemy, not just zombies, but a human form with intelligence. A recognizable female character will return and make a brief appearance in the extended trailer later this month. The PS3 and Xbox 360 game will bring new ideas to the Resident Evil 4 third-person, over the shoulder, gameplay system. Takeuchi tells Famitsu: “What has happened to Chris during these 10 years? By showing his past, we can begin to unravel things that were not resolved in Resident Evil 4.

Don’t forget about the new High Dynamic Range Lightening in the game. He gave the example of Chris walking into a building that has a pitch black interior and having to wait a second for his eyes adjust. the same will go for when you run outside. The perfect time for a zombiel surprise moment!
A question arises: Is Chris fighting for good or evil?


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