Pain game for PS3 (Playstation Network) new video interview discusses online play and recording your favorite moments

18 July 2007
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Pain is an upcoming title for the Playstation Network in which your goal is to sling your avatar with a slingshot into an open-city environment where everything is intractable. Stuff explodes, cars drive by and run you over, flinging you ever further, and you even have the ability to grab onto objects (including people!) as you fly across the city. The goal of course is to cause as much pain as possible.

Thankfully the game is cartoony and exaggerated, and about as far from being realistic as you can get without being too fantastical.

A new video interview with the African American director Travis Williams reveals more details about the online play and even how you can record your favorite crashes and pause the action, view it from any angle, rewind, etc.
Watch this interview in HD.


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