Brave Story: New Traveler PSP RPG release date is July 31st. New trailer shows off gameplay and story

18 July 2007
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Pre-Order Brave Story: New Traveler for the PSPBrave Story: New Traveler is a brand new RPG from developer Game Republic (Genji: Day of the Blade on PS3) and publisher XSeed Games (Valhalla Knights [PSP], Wild Arms 4 [PS2]) for Sony’s Playstation Portable handheld.

The game’s storyline is about “a life-changing adventure and the discovery of a hero inside an ordinary kid” and sees the protagonist traveling to a strange world called Vision when a female friend of his collapses and a voice beckons him. In this world he becomes a novice “Traveler” on an adventure to meet with the Goddess of Fortune to have a single wish granted.

Game features include:
– Based on GONZO Digimation’s animated movie “Brave Story”.
– A role-playing game with an epic tale, introducing unique characters with distinct personalities and leading the player through the imaginative world of Vision.
– Traditional turn-based battle system enhanced by innovative features:
*Friendship – Form bonds with party members to create new, cooperative skills.
*Courage – Use “brave power” (BP) to unleash powerful special abilities.
*Growth – The hero’s weapon will evolve as he collects gemstones.
– New accessories can be forged by collecting and combining materials. Each character can also unlock a one-of-a-kind innate ability.
– No load time between battles.
– Beautifully rendered 3D graphics with a distinct visual style, highlighted by polished character and enemy movement, and a unique animation for each special ability.
– Collect special birds which you can use for mini-games or trade for rare items.
– Network with friends to trade your birds, or game-share a mini-game to have friends assist in capturing rare birds.

Check the game out yourself in this all-new debut trailer for Brave Story: New Travelers for the PSP.
Game intro includes storyline and character details.

Gameplay video shows the battle system. I like the comic-book style words that pop-up when you attack.


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