10 things you may (not) know about Mass Effect

17 July 2007
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Pre-order Mass Effect for Xbox 360Bioware’s action-RPG Mass Effect will be coming exclusively to Xbox 360 this November. Here are 10 things you may or may not know about Mass Effect.

10. Every line of dialog in the game is being recorded.
9. Emotion is very evident in Mass Effect with exceptional dialog and incredibly detailed facial expressions.
8. Even though there is a 3rd person action game during battles, it’s not over-sensitive and instead “very forgiving”.
7. There are multiple paths for everything in the game, making each play through completely different.
6. Not every character in the game will be able to join your party based on the decisions you make.
5. The graphics are incredibly detailed, and the entire game is run through a film filter that gives it a unique style
4. The game features and incredible amount of planets you can visit. Planets in the game that are important and feature quests have extra notations to let you know.
3. You are able to “scan” planets to find special items.
2. The core quest is about 20 hours. But side-quests and exploration are basically infinite.
1. The game fits on 1 DVD and even has room to spare for loading optimizations.

A transmission from the squad reveals an attack from an unknown alien race. Check out what the fuss is about.
Watch the trailer in HD. Facts via audio demo at Evilavatar.


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