Dark Sector for PS3 and Xbox 360 release date is January 2008. New E3 2007 gameplay video shows the 3-pronged blade weapon in action

14 July 2007
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Pre-Order Dark Sector for PS3Some of you may recall a third-person action game called Dark Sector in development by Digital Extremes. It was the first “next-gen” game ever shown, and back then the graphics were incredible.

But as is the case with a lot of titles, the game did not make it into the history books as the actual first next-gen game released . . . rather, it’s still in development! Funny too how it started out being the benchmark to which all games were set, and yet now there are games with better graphics. Well regardless, a new gameplay video has surfaced of the game at E3 2007 and it looks cool and, most importantly, fun! Like a cross between Gears of War & Resident Evil 4. Gotta love the weapon effects as well.

Dark Sector has you playing as a man named Hayden Tenno, a morally ambivalent clean-up guy employed by the CIA. He suffers from a real-life disease that doesn’t allow him to feel pain. On a mission in a fictional former eastern bloc nation, he is exposed to a biological compound which mutates him, dramatically changing his right arm, and giving him the ability to spontaneously grow a three-bladed throwable weapon called a Glaive. It is part of his body, and can be used to generate light, and it can be controlled remotely by the player. Watch the Glaive in action!
Watch this video in HD.


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