Killzone 2 video shows comparison of E3 2007 trailer to the E3 2006 “target” trailer

13 July 2007
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Play the original Killzone for PS2One of the biggest games at E3 2006, a game that completely wowed the audience, was the sequel to Sony’s PS2 first-person shooter Killzone. The new Killzone was simply a tour-de-force of graphical quality, and it really showed off what the new systems (in this case the Playstation 3) would be capable of.

Or did it? Turned out later on that the initial trailer, which was suspicious in the first place, was not actually the PS3 hardware itself, but rather a CG rendered trailer that was acting as a “target” for what the development team WANTED their new Killzone 2 to look like. It was NOT actual in-game footage, despite Sony’s increasing insistence that it was.

And now, for very real proof, we have a direct trailer-to-trailer comparison of the new, in-game PS3 trailer shown at E3 2007 with the E3 2006 rendered PS3 trailer. The difference is clear when put side-by-side.
Click on the bottom-right corner arrow to view it full-screen.


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