Blocks for the Wii, a new physics block-based puzzle game by Steven Spielberg, is shown for first time in new video demonstration

13 July 2007
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You may remember that Steven Spielberg was set to make three original games with EA. While we won’t get to see Steven Spielberg‘s epic Xbox 360 & PS3 game (outside of a new pic) that is supposed to touch the emotions and make you feel a real connection to the game character, the tentatively titled Wii game “Blocks” was just shown for the first time in a new video demonstration from E3 2007.

In the game, you have to figure out how to solve puzzles by throwing certain objects at stacked blocks (ones that do like like those in Jenga) through a system that’s all based on physics. There’s even a co-op mode and a level creator! Check the game out yourself in the first gameplay video.


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