Silent Hill 5 announced for Xbox 360 & PS3, release date is 2008. Includes new combat system, teaser trailer shown

Catch up on the Silent Hill story with Silent Hill Experience for PSPSilent Hill 5 (Or Silent Hill V as the teaser shows, first time the series has used a roman numeral in the title) has been announced by Konami at their extremely short 15-minute E3 2007 press conference (a record for press conference shortness).

This of course is the newest game in the long-running series that started on the PS1 in 1999. Eventually the series would make it to the Xbox, PS2, PC and PSP (check out my review of Silent Hill 2 for more details on that game in particular). And of course there was a successful Silent Hill movie which will also be getting a sequel in 2008.

Although Silent Hill V hasn’t been shown in video form yet outside of an extremely brief (and disappointing IMO) teaser, new details have surfaced from the conference. Silent Hill 5 will hit next year in 2008 for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 (after Silent Hill 4, a second time the series has debuted on multiple platforms).

Silent Hill 5’s new storyline has you playing as a military veteran who returns to his hometown to search for his brother, who has mysteriously vanished. As per usual in Silent Hill games, his search leads him to the eerie and mysterious ghost town that is Silent Hill.

While all the creepy atmosphere and hellish enemies that you know and love will be coming back for the fifth game, Konami will be changing certain aspects (that really needed it). The most obvious is the all new combat system. Your character will have an entire array of new offensive and defensive techniques to help you take out your enemies.

Silent Hill V also has an original soundtrack from the Silent Hill series producer and sound director Akira Yamaoka. Can’t wait to see more of the game!