Wii Fit, new fitness game from Nintendo, shown with videos and live demonstration

Wii Fit lets you do fitness, yoga, aerobics, games
The biggest surprise of Nintendo’s E3 2007 press conference is, without a doubt, their new fitness, exercise, yoga, aerobic training game called “Wii Fit. It will be released in Europe on April 25th for €90 and in America on May 19th for $90.

Wii Fit is super unique since the game comes bundled with a unique wireless balance board/scale that the user stands on. It then can detect shifts in your body weight and uses that in various mini-games.

The Wii Fit board mat that ships with the game.But Wii Fit is much more than just a game, it records various statistics and you can put them against your friends or family over a measurement of time, to see who is burning off the most fat (er, body mass) and such.

From simple yoga style games to a DDR Lite stepping game to a mini-game in which you must headbutt soccer balls from going into the goal with your head, Nintendo’s Wii Fit seems to be a truly mass market training game that goes beyond the standard industry demographic and instead targets older players, especially women and mothers, who may want a fun way to exercise in their home using the Nintendo Wii.

Definitely a unique title, and totally unexpected. View the whole Wii Fit experience below starting with a trailer for the game and videos that lead up to the live demonstration..

Wii Fit Part 2:

Wii Fit Part 3:

Wii Fit Part 4: