Sony E3 2007 press conference announcements: New better PSP, Echochrome PSN, WipEout HD PS3

E3 LogoThe Sony E3 2007 press conference was held today and showed off a ton of new footage and some new game announcements. Here’s a list of the keynotes:

* PS2 has a 118 million installed base, that makes it “the most popular console of all time, worldwide.”
* New PSP game Patapon, where little figures are mashing and bashing down structures, it’s all a bit LocoRoco.
* “The latest version of PSP will come available worldwide in September.” With the same size screen and UMD. “But when you have it in your hand the difference is clear.” It’s 33% ligher and 19% slimmer. The battery is more efficient too, and games load faster. “But the coolest feature is the ability to output high quality video.” So you can use your PSP on the road and also hook it up to your Bravia so everyone can “enjoy the content on your PSP. The updated PSP comes in piano black, and SCEJ and SCEE will soon be announcing models for their markets. For the US it also comes in ice silver. It will come in a PSP entertainment pack in US, including Daxter and a 1GB Memory Stick, and The Family Guy Frickin’ Sweet UMD. Will retail for $199.99 from September 2007.
* And a new Star Wars branded white PSP bundle at $199.99, that has an black emboss thing of Darth Vader on the back, which ties into the new Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron game this fall.
* 2 million registered PlayStation Network users who did 20 million downloads.
* New downloadable PS3 game Echochrome, a simple puzzler is made by Sony’s Japan Studio will be made available via the PlayStation Network (PSN).
* Now coming in “eye-blistering” 1080p with full online multiplayer is WipEout HD for PS3.
* New PS3 game announced by Sucker Punch for 2008 called Infamous, where you get supernatural powers and choose between being a hero or anti-hero.
* MMO maker NCSoft, known for their Lineage, City of Heroes/Villains and Guild Wars series, was bought out by Sony! This means all future MMOs from the company will be PC and PlayStation exclusives.
* Polyphony Digital showed off PS3 racer Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.
* After the PS3 price cut in America and bundle offer, they expect to ship 11 million PS3 units worldwide this year.