Persona 3 is coming to the US on July 24th. Two new trailers show in-game footage and story scenes

11 July 2007
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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 for PlayStation 2Persona is one of those extremely dark, crazy, anime-inspired RPG series that could only come out of Japan. It’s dark and the subject matter is definitely not kids stuff. And these newest trailers for Persona 3 on the PS2 from E3 2007 show that nothing has changed (and that this game is indeed headed for the US with a release date of July 24th).

Update: Due to a production error with the included artbook, Atlus has announced that the game will be slightly delayed, although they didn’t give an exact date. But the word “slightly” was stressed.

You may remember a Japanese game that got a lot of controversy for having one very twisted game mechanic . . . to summon the Persona demon spirits the characters shoot themselves in the head . . . Yes, you read that correct. Cute little Japanese characters shooting themselves in the head . . . . Watch and be . . . disturbed. Or intrigued . . . whatever floats your boat I guess.


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