Nintendo shows off the $20 Wii Zapper gun peripheral in new video. Three games support it so far

E3 LogoNintendo showed off the gun-shaped Wii Zapper, a Wii Remote & Nunchuck holder where the Remote fits in top with the Nunchuck fitting into the handle, for the first time since it was originally unveiled back in 2006’s E3. Although this time, Nintendo showed off how it will actually work, and even the showed video of the gun in action with games that support it!

Games that will use the Zapper include: Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Ghost Squad as well as EA’s upcoming Wii Medal of Honor title. The coolest thing about the Zapper though, is how you can cock it back, like an actual gun, to reload your weapon. I tried this in the arcade with Time Crisis 4, which has you shaking the gun, and let me tell you, this looks a lot funner, less frustrating, and won’t totally wear your arms out from furious shaking!

The Zapper will retail for $19.99 seperately (kind of high considering it’s a piece of plastic), as well as be packed in with an unannounced title. View the Zapper yourself in this video from the Nintendo E3 2007 Press Conference.