Nintendo making Sheeta puzzle game for DS (includes Kaiten Puzzle and Aquarium Puzzle)

In case Planet Puzzle League wasn't enough for youNintendo releasing a new puzzle game called Sheeta for DS. Developed by VITEI, IGN translated that Sheeta actually includes two games, Kaiten Puzzle and Aquarium Puzzle. It’ll be released in Japan on September 6th, 2007.

In Kaiten Puzzle (Rotation Puzzle), you’re presented with a set of gears that are stacked vertically, spanning the two DS screens. You start off with two balls located in slots in the topmost gear, and must strategically rotate the gears to guide the balls to the bottom gear.

In Aquarium Puzzle, you guide balls into red, green and blue spheres that are strategically placed across your aquarium. Your goal is to collect the correct number of balls in each sphere in order to match a sample image. As you meet your goals, your aquarium slowly becomes more complex and full of life.

Game features are: simple, relaxed gameplay, no time limits, and controls are almost entirely stylus-based. — By the way, who comes up with these game names? And what’s next? Bullsheeta? Craapa?