Microsoft E3 2007 press conference Xbox 360 details: Rock Band, Viva Pinata: Party Animals, COD4 beta, Resident Evil 5, Halo 3, more

10 July 2007
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E3 LogoThe Microsoft E3 2007 press conference was held today and showed off a ton of new footage and some new game announcements. Here’s a list of the keynotes:

* Rock Band comes to Xbox 360.
* Viva Pinata: Party Animals announced for Xbox 360 with over 50 mini-games.
* Mass Effect, the large-scale RPG is coming to Xbox 360 in November 2007.
* Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 2 to 1 since the PS3 launch and Xbox 360 games are selling better than both Wii and PS3 combined since they launched.
* Top 5 best-sellers last generation: GTA San Andres, GTA Vice City, GTA 3, Halo, and Halo 2.
* Gundam: Dynasty Warrior coming to America as shown in trailer with holiday 2007 games.
* Scene It videoclip quiz game comes with four special button controllers for the price of one regular Xbox 360 game.
* 7 million Xbox Live members today, a new member joins every 8 seconds, by July 2008 they expect to have 10 million Xbox Live members!
* Microsoft claimed worldwide Xbox 360 sales at 11.6 million units.
* New games Geone, Feeding Frenzy 2, Marathon: Duarande, Tetris Splash, Boku Sudoku shown in Xbox Live Arcade trailer. Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe are on Xbox Live today.
* Disney movies coming to the American Xbox Live Video store today, anything from Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Hercules, Armageddon, Sky High, Unbreakable and many more in HD. This year the video store is coming to Europe and Canada!
* August 24th is the Xbox 360 Elite launch date in Europe.
* Forza 2 expected to sell one million units this year.
* PGR4 coming in September, first gameplay video shown.
* Lost Odyssey first gameplay video shown.
* Viva Pinata is coming to Windows PCs.
* Gears of War is coming to Windows PCs with an editor and new content like 5 new chapters, new multiplayer mode, arenas, achievements, and you can fight the Brumak.
* Games for Windows brings Flight Simulator X: Acceleration, Stranglehold, Zoo Tycoon 2 and others to PC.
* Call of Duty 4 new gameplay footage shown, the developer Infinity Ward demoed a mission and an Xbox 360 beta was announced (more at
* The Grand Theft Auto IV footage from the previous trailers was captured from an Xbox 360.
* Resident Evil 5 new trailer was shown! July 26th download from Xbox Live.
* Assassin’s Creed gameplay footage showed more of the game’s “chase engine”, due November.
* Live-action short showed the Halo 3 universe as directed by Weta Studios.
* New Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 console (green/gold color) coming during the Halo 3 launch in September.
* Microsoft’s Xbox division boss Peter Moore ended by showing off a new Halo 3 trailer that had what looked like the first single player footage! — We’ll update the site once all the new videos become available online, but it all looked amazing.


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