Virtua Fighter 5 online versus mode added for American and European Xbox 360 version

9 July 2007
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Virtua Fighter 5 already out on for PS3SEGA announced that their arcade fighting game, Virtua Fighter 5 for the Xbox 360, will feature an online versus mode at launch in Autumn 2007. The Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 is based on the latest arcade version update and features both analogue-stick and D-pad control, as well as vibration support, which I guess they had to point out as the earlier released PS3 version doesn’t have it (it doesn’t have online either). The game also includes an improved Quest mode featuring more CPU rivals, items, and emblems for character customisation. The DOJO mode has added features including leaderboards, training move settings, improved throw and escape training, and the option to change your opponent’s position and recovery type. These all work to create a more refined DOJO mode where players can improve their fighting strategy.

Now featuring an online two-player versus mode via Xbox Live, Virtua Fighter 5 will allow players to compete online. Players will also be able to select one of the 17 characters or customize them in Quest mode. Customization features allow players to modify their characters by selecting from four base costumes and then attaching a wide range of unlockable and earnable items. Players will not only achieve victory by defeating highly-skilled opponents, but also by competing for prizes and earning in-game money which allows them to buy many items at an in-game shop.


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