Halo 3 Laser Tag Command features Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol & Energy Sword for your inner Master Chief

6 July 2007
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Halo Laser Tag Plasma RifleI used to love laser tag as a kid, I probably still have my pistol laser tag set in a box somewhere. Pretending to be Master Chief with Halo universe guns is going to be pretty sweet for kids nowadays, except Halo was rated T for Teens, so I don’t know how that’ll work out in the sales department, but for the big fans there’ll be the $20 BR55 Battle Rifle and Covenant Carbine scaled replicas to get on September 3rd. But the £75 ($150) laser tag set that’ll arrive on November 11th is still cool looking as you can see from the Plasma Rifle above.

Online store Forbiddenplanet has a first look and mentions it’s “From Bungie’s Halo series of Xbox video games, the Covenant Plasma Rifle is the signature weapon of the Elites. And now you can own one! This infrared blaster has an LCD counter that registers hits on the included target, which can stand on its own or be worn by your opponent! The Covenant Plasma Rifle vibrates with every shot and when it overheats, at which point the heat exchange flanges will pop out from the side, just like in the video game! This is an incredible, full-size recreation of the weapon from the Halo universe, and as close as you can get to fighting alongside the Master Chief himself!” — From Jasman Toys, via Bungie


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