Forever Blue has online co-op sea scuba diving on Wii

4 July 2007
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Forever Blue Wii screenshot
Forever Blue on Nintendo Wii is a diving simulator and the sequel to Arika’s PS2 game Everblue 2. In the game you go into the ocean and use the Wii controller to perform a variety of diving maneuvers. It’ll be released on Wii in Japan on August 2nd, 2007. Hopefuls are anxiously awaiting E3 next week to see if it’ll be translated and released worldwide.

You can explore underwater at your own pace, play with and study sea creatures, and find underwater sea ruins, where you’ll be able to go into treasure-hunting mode or be a tour guide. If you want to, the diving guide will show you what creatures to take photos of, you can apparently receive money for these photos from magazines. Listening to your own music is also possible by putting MP3s on an SD Card that fits into your Wii.

You can dive together with a friend online via Wi-Fi connection. When playing under the deep blue sea together it’s possible to interact with your friend’s dolphin. Looking at Forever Blue screenshots it’s possible to train your own pet dolphin (Nintendolphins!) and even put some of the creatures you’ve encountered or photographed in your own aquarium outside the main adventure game. Famitsu also mentions the game will cost 5,800 Yen or about $47 / €35.


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