First Turok gameplay video of the Xbox 360 & PS3 FPS shown, game delayed till Q1 2008

Turok coming to Xbox 360Ten years after Turok burst onto the Nintendo 64, Touchstone and Propaganda Games are almost ready to unleash a new, gruesomely beautiful shooter on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Set on a mysterious planet in the future, Turok and an elite squad of soldiers known as Whiskey Company are charged with apprehending Roland Kane, Turok’s former mentor. Kane is holed up on another planet with an army of followers at his disposal. As Whiskey Company approaches the godforsaken rock, Kane’s men shoot down the good guys’ transport and Turok finds himself and his crew smack-dab in the middle of a dense jungle filled with all sorts of dinosaurs ready to rip them to shreds.

A full Turok preview was given to IGN by the FPS game’s creators. The below Turok video interview shows the first insane gameplay footage of the game that includes brutal melee kills Turok can perform on lots of gruesome dinos.
Would be even better if he ended each kill with “I AM TUROK!”