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3 July 2007
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Super Smash Bros Brawl screenshotWith the official Super Smash Bros Brawl website getting daily weekday updates, we thought it was time to list the characters that have been confirmed for the upcoming 2008 Wii fighting game. It started mid-2007 when Princess Zelda and Bowser were confirmed as a playable characters and many newcomers since then. The final new characters have arrived now that the game will be released in Japan on January 31st, 2008!

Let’s take a look at the 35 selectable characters from A to Z.

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    We also wrote a guide on “How to unlock all Super Smash Bros Brawl characters.

    There are many Smash Bros. newcomers, like:
    1. Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong Country),
    2. Ike (from Fire Emblem),
    3. King Dedede (from Kirby),
    4. Lucario (from Pokemon),
    5. Lucas (from Mother 3/EarthBound 2),
    6. Meta Knight (from Kirby),
    7. Pikmin & Olimar,
    8. Pit (from Kid Icarus),
    9. Pokemon Trainer (controls 3 Pokemon, you switch between Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard to fight),
    10. R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy — from Gyromite & Stack-Up),
    11. Solid Snake (from Metal Gear Solid),
    12. Sonic the Hedgehog,
    13. Wario,
    14. Wolf (from Star Fox).

    Lots of veteran characters from the original N64 Smash Bros. or its Melee GameCube sequel will return, they are:
    15. Bowser (from Mario),
    16. Captain Falcon (from F-Zero),
    17. Donkey Kong,
    18. Falco Lombardi (from Star Fox),
    19. Fox McCloud (from Star Fox),
    20. Ganondorf (from The Legend of Zelda),
    21. Ice Climbers,
    22. Jigglypuff (from Pokemon),
    23. Kirby,
    24. Link (from The Legend of Zelda),
    25. Luigi (from Mario),
    26. Mario,
    27. Marth (from Fire Emblem),
    28. Mr. Game & Watch (from classic Game & Watch games),
    29. Ness (from EarthBound),
    30. Pikachu (from Pokemon),
    31. Princess Peach (from Mario),
    32. Princess Zelda (and her Sheik transformation after using the down special move),
    33. Samus Aran (and her Zero Suit Samus transformation after using Final Smash — from Metroid),
    34. Toon Link (from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker),
    35. Yoshi (from Mario).

    Characters who did not return from Smash Bros. Melee are:
    * Dr. Mario,
    * Mewtwo,
    * Pichu,
    * Roy.

    This is the complete Super Smash Bros. Brawl character roster from the Japanese version:
    Complete Super Smash Bros Brawl character roster

    The Wii numbers* from fans who want to play Brawl are:

    Brad: 6629-5516-7841-6112
    chris: 5891-8153-4646-2351
    Mystery: 0602-5935-9127 (Brawl code)
    charecter guy: 0473-7473-2467 (Brawl code)
    peachowns!!: 0473-7473-2467 (Brawl code)
    Char/random: 7822-5929-6346-4018
    PITT: 2852-0561-3510-1998
    supadupagama: 0164-8754-8654-7709
    i’mAguyANDiLOVEpeach: 6676-0074-2040-7333
    Diddy Rox: 5365-0853-8909-7881
    Ian: 4897-5602-2844 (Brawl code)
    smashboy: 0602-5912-3087 (Brawl code)
    Pvpls: 4253-3144-4229 (Brawl code)
    Gaara of the desert: 5026-5274-9280 (Brawl code)
    Winly: 0344-8985-2219 (Brawl code)
    omfgYaySonic!: 2948-4683-5298-5858
    Beibs: 3179-5805-8691 (Brawl code)
    .//Kite: 0216-0481-0183 (Brawl code)
    Ash: 1676-3361-0226 (Brawl code)
    blake: 3609-0713-0315 (Brawl code)
    Dr Rim: 1934-0374-7127 (Brawl code)
    BRAWL ROX!!: 0258-9971-7390 (Brawl code)
    Sonic: 0301-9476-4376 (Brawl code)
    mudre88: 7499-2452-7684-5230
    kahn4: 3308-4230-4179 (Brawl code)
    Mike: 1246-8391-3494 (Brawl code)
    Hector: 0258-9975-4371 (Brawl code)
    dolo: 4940-5146-6165 (Brawl code)
    Jkaid: 4382-1657-9720 (Brawl code)
    L-L-L-Link: 7097-9803-0675-9525
    John: 3007-7863-0538 (Brawl code)
    JB!: 0774-3963-0187 (Brawl code)
    Punk: 4682-8221-9922 (Brawl code)
    louis: 2707-1371-0222 (Brawl code)
    CRC: 0989-1499-3215 (Brawl code)
    jimmy: 4596-9282-6480 (Brawl code)
    spaz: 4425-1291-7829 (Brawl code)
    Shadow88: 1719-2982-6456 (Brawl code)
    Dane: 0860-3063-1960 (Brawl code)
    ross: 2019-9384-7346 (Brawl code)
    tony1: 0130-1549-7130 (Brawl code)
    Trey: 1590-4347-5331 (Brawl code)
    Awe$ome: 621-2322-9384 (Brawl code)
    Task: 4725-7763-5236 (Brawl code)
    DaanM: 1118-0089-1249 (Brawl code)
    A-LOC: 4296-2712-3333 (Brawl code)
    JF 12: 5198-2168-5559 (Brawl code)
    jay: 1375-7078-2102 (Brawl code)
    Dustin: 1160-9440-3860 (Brawl code)
    ~sonic~snake~mario~ike~: 3954-5064-5995-9277
    A7X…Aidenown: 2414-7632-9182-7776
    Bagel: 0087-2232-1030 (Brawl code)
    Tpcool: 1075-0495-6247 (Brawl code)
    pit: 4210-3846-7888 (Brawl code)
    SrgDerrick: 0516-7041-9484 (Brawl code)
    Philip: 1977-0244-7155 (Brawl code)
    Haseo: 4511-0143-6236 (Brawl code)
    lanz : 4854-6565-1132 (Brawl code)
    Daniel: 0688-5403-4747 (Brawl code)
    Big P: 0387-9006-7850 (Brawl code)
    mike#2: 0344-9601-0454 (Brawl code)
    Toon Link Master: 2019-9328-6905 (Brawl code)
    jeremyrocco: 5970-2600-0487-7625
    Dyl: 0774-5034-3873 (Brawl code)
    eugene: 0731-5683-0851 (Brawl code)
    ALF: 1075-1635-6969 (Brawl code)
    Shikaku: 4854-7687-4303 (Brawl code)
    lolmaster: 3781-0452-2725 (Brawl code)
    The Maxterminator: 4210-5664-1477 (Brawl code)
    DominicThaDBZFan: 1976-9926-1434 (Brawl code)
    Bart: 1977-1863-3200 (Brawl code)
    lucy: 3781-0804-9979 (Brawl code)
    Pokelova: 1161-1605-1798 (Brawl code)
    Leon: 0516-9196-3056 (Brawl code)
    dyablo cls: 0473-8198-8178 (Brawl code)
    D-unit: 2363-7724-3995 (Brawl code)
    shrtazianboy: 1676-3372-6423 (Brawl code)
    BlackHeart: 4940-5286-4461 (Brawl code)
    Emad: 3551-5974-8247 (Brawl code)
    Julz: 4468-3558-1160 (Brawl code)
    Swifty: 4768-9702-4489 (Brawl code)
    lubu: 4382-5638-7765 (Brawl code)
    AceFalcon: 3480-5756-5015 (Brawl code)
    hunter: 1075-2590-5109 (Brawl code)
    Super Yirbi: 3265-4811-9621 (Brawl code)
    Tyger: 1032-5783-7121 (Brawl code)
    rj889: 2793-6054-1972 (Brawl code)
    Xeng: 3136-9820-7870 (Brawl code)
    Alex: 0817-9762-1642 (Brawl code)
    Ike: 2063-4528-3310 (Brawl code)
    Maric: 1333-3331-9424 (Brawl code)
    Kaylaa: 1762-8647-9979 (Brawl code)
    Chazzalicious: 5370-6957-0876 (Brawl code)
    Sask: 2879-7522-2371 (Brawl code)
    Chazzalicious: 5370-6957-0876 (Brawl code)
    9volt: 5327-9168-2035 (Brawl code)
    mizumi miko (aka GaW): 1075-2733-6300 (Brawl code)
    Garps: 0689-3708-0317 (Brawl code)
    JC: 3008-0143-4905 (Brawl code)
    MJL: 3179-9270-3304 (Brawl code)
    Emily: 5456-7391-2456 (Brawl code)
    Corey: 3613-6012-4902-0419 (Brawl code)
    Fox: 4340-2513-2842 (Brawl code)
    CHRIS: 1548-4921-9060 (Brawl code)
    Jonathan: 2948-6613-9156-9804 (Wii code)
    Kai: 6443-0677-2155-9594 (Wii code)
    Raul AKA Lil Gamer: 2623-1648-4557-4842 (Wii code)
    The Best: 0603-7013-7084 (Brawl code)
    Chrisrules: 0217-2275-4638 (Brawl code)
    HavoK: 4125-5386-1838 (Brawl Code)
    Jacob: 4340-4664-1499 (Brawl Code)
    CL&DL: 4984-0368-1288 (Brawl Code)
    Kris: 0174-3893-9649 (Brawl Code)
    Jess: 1978–1958–2757 (Brawl Code)
    BenCho: 3781-3201-2518
    Bryan: 0389-6172-8427
    doodler5000: 4598-4792-8116
    Ian: 2193-4839-2246
    Abdul: 5372 0088 6092
    MCB/Airam: 2794-9438-1340
    Vaper: 0991-0773-6149
    Fran Bishop: 0345-9625-6483
    Amr: 1635-2969-0879
    SKOOBERT: 3482-2288-2950
    Charleslittlejohn212: 3181-0188-7677
    Humbe: 3009-9770-3778
    Haku of the Hidden Mist: 4338-8837-8636-6588 (Wii code)
    G_kall: 2922-4256-8495
    Birdbones13: 0946-8881-7178
    Omar: 2237-0651-2217
    blaster756: 4511-1336-6008
    MWHAHAHA: 2752-1260-8606
    Phoenixn: 3912-2689-4735
    Grosser Bruder: 3396-9374-9428
    Eon608: 1290-0363-6327
    Alpha: 3311-0783-2966
    ShrineMaidenToph: 0304-5248-2025
    Shyla: 4045-5361-4431-2951 (Wii code)

    Leave your own Brawl number in the comments to be added! Newest at the bottom.
    The last 20 or so are Brawl Codes added in August 2012.

    *To find your Wii number, go to the bottom right envelope-icon, click “wii message board” then bottom left click “create message” then click “address book” and then register each other. Since each Wii game gets its own additional online code, after that you can exchange Brawl friend codes to start fighting each other online! … Please note that some people already gave their “(Brawl code)” above, so you can enter theirs in the game directly. — If you have any questions about this or the game, leave a comment below and someone will answer.


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