Army of Two video interview explains focus on co-op

2 July 2007
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Pre-order Army of Two on Xbox 360This interview with Army of Two‘s senior producer, Reid Schneider, shows EA Montreal’s focus on (online) co-op gameplay while he explains that they want the Xbox 360 & PS3 game to feel like cooperation games such as Contra, Double Dragon, Halo or Gear of War where you’d be able to have tons of fun with a friend. Also, Army of Two utilizes Partner AI to ensure that even if only one person is playing Army of Two, the second will be supported by the game’s AI.

To quote part of the 1UP preview: “It all comes down to player communication: What are you going to pick and what am I going to pick? That negotiation phase is a gameplay mechanic in itself: tailor to your partner. So later on when you play in the online space, you’re going to have people you’ll prefer to play with. Two big gung-ho power guys may not play together; they may not work as well as a team. So you’ll find out who your best pairing is when you play in the online space.” Release date is December 15, 2007. Video:
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