Wii DJ at the club. Versatility of Wii Remotes shown in video

30 June 2007
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You never know how many uses a simple device or mechanism or object can have until you see the crazy things people come up with! And this video is a great demonstration of that.

Showing the versatility of the Wii and the Wiimote in all things cool, a club DJ hacks the Wii Remote and uses it to control the music at the club!

And when talking to Game Trailers he goes more in-depth with all the uses they’ve found for it. But the greatest thing is how the Wii Remote literally gives these disc jockey’s a whole new way to do what they love, and control the music in ways they couldn’t before. Having the Wiimotes just opens up a whole new level of innovation and freedom. And as he states in the video, trying the same with a PS3 controller just wouldn’t be the same. If it even worked right.


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