Shinobi 1 PS2 videos guide walks you through the entire storyline, including boss battles, and shows all cut-scenes from beginning to ending

30 June 2007
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Shinobi for Playstation 2Shinobi was given a rebirth in 2002 by Sega for the PS2 in a very difficult combo-killing action game in which you played the ninja Hotsuma. Unfortunately Shinobi was largely overlooked in the holiday shuffle of game releases.

The game is known as one of the most difficult and thus critics weren’t always so kind. Regardless, it is a cool action game with some pretty slick movie scenes (even though it’s an early PS2 title) that a lot of people missed out on.

No doubt many people played it and yet didn’t get very far due to the extreme difficulty. My brother has actually beaten the game, quite the feat, yet he has not unlocked anywhere near all the extras! So to save you the torture of playing through the game yourself, we got a video!

You’ll see all the movie scenes, from beginning to ending, as well as gameplay against both normal enemies and bosses, although it’s majorly trimmed as the focus is on the story and cut-scenes, not gameplay. Enjoy!

Shinobi Full Story Video Part 2


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